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Empty office

I was back in Seattle on January 28th and had four days of work before the New Year’s holiday. The office was deserted, so I decided to bring my camera and show you how the new building (since October) looks.

This is my office. I used to share an office with my friend Jon, but in the new building we all have individual offices. The people who have been long in the company get a window office. I get an office with a view of a window office, occupied by my senior manager. Much better than the old building.

There is a corner in our floor with a microwave oven, vending machines, and a pool table. Nice idea, or not so nice, considering it’s supposed to make it easier to stay longer in the office.

Finally, the cafeteria. It has a great view of Bellevue. When I grab food on my own, I sit in the bar area and watch. So many trees and bodies of water in this region.