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A weekend in Mt. Rainier National Park

My friend Victor, from the IHouse years, flew in from California on Friday. On Saturday morning, we drove to the Northwest part of Mt. Rainier National Park. It was an overcast, drizzly day, but it is always a joy to be out in the woods.

The campsite was only 2 miles (around 3 km) from the start of the hike, so we pitched the tent, left our pads and sleeping bags inside, and had lunch. For a brief period, the sun was out. We were hopeful, but we would need to wait until Sunday for good visibility. We set out to explore with a reduced load on our backs.

Spray Falls exceeded our expectations.

We got back to camp around 6 and had dinner. It started to get cold quickly, so much so that we went to bed not much later than 7. It was a very cold night, and I slept with my fleece on, inside the sleeping bag. Amazingly, I slept almost straight through, and woke up at 9. Not usual for me at all.

Sunday started sunny, and at last we got clear shots of Mount Rainier and some other crowd-pleasers.

Perhaps the most photogenic part of the trip was Lake Mowich, right next to where we left the car.

In Seattle, warm showers and a nice dinner rounded the weekend. It is nice to get a proper meal.

There are more photos in the trip album.