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Friends of friends (photos from last weekend)

Again, work was intense last week and I didn’t have energy to update the blog. I don’t like it when that happens.

I don’t feel like writing a proper post about last weekend this weekend, but I did take some photos I liked, so here they go. As way of explanation: Guillermo’s good friend in Boston, Dmitri, was in Seattle for work, and we decided to meet for the first time on Saturday. Dmitri’s colleague, the aptly named Nice, drove from Vancouver, where she had been sent for work too, and joined us. After a disappointing excursion to Snoqualmie Falls, we went to Discovery Park, and then Green Lake, where we spent a while conversing with a group of friends. Dmitri has been in the US since age 7, but you can tell he’s Russian by his directness and audacity in discussions, and a clear disregard for conventional wisdom. All qualities I like.

Dmitri and Nice in Pioneer Square

Me in Pioneer Sq. In Discovery Park Green Lake

Green Lake 2

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