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Growing pains

Lately I’ve been very busy, working like a dog. Unlike other times of overwork, I do see the purpose here, and it’s helping me learn, and encouraging me to work smarter - an expression I don’t like, but it fits.

Some times I get into a pattern of small failings: nothing spectacular, just a steady stream of tiny disappointments with myself. It’s very frustrating, but I tend to find these episodes useful. When I haven’t had one in a while, I start to think I’m going stale. These days I’m finally getting irked into action, into organizing myself better at work and out of it, and into doing the things I’ve been postponing.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I went running for the first time with the Seattle Runners Club, which is a 10 min. walk from my house. They run at a faster pace than I’m used to, and so far I’ve had to leave the group after 15 min. of running, and go back home at my own pace. I thought I would be preparing for the New York marathon, but I wasn’t admitted, so now I’m lacking a goal. I prefer it that way. I think I’m still going to run with these guys, although, at the moment, not being able to finish a run with them is bruising my ego.

Ah, the pain. I just remembered a quote from Keanu Reeves, in The Replacements:

Pain heals. Glory lasts forever. Chicks dig scars.