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Thank God for Memorial Day weekend - one of the bad things about America is the scarcity of holidays. Today I was able to finally settle in and get rid of all the boxes.

On Thursday I took the knowledge test for driving. I can drive with my Spanish license, but I’m legally required to get a WA state driver’s license. Anyway I thought the process was a scam. The vision test: I asked to be tested without glasses first. In Spain I only just made it without glasses, but that was ten years ago, and although my vision hasn’t declined by much, it has declined. But here: “Please read the top row”. I read the first four out of eight letters, but can’t even guess at the rest. I’m ready to put my glasses on, but the lady tells me to continue. “Is the yellow light inside or outside the red box?” - “inside”. “Where are the flashing lights coming from?” - “left and right”. “OK, you passed”. The knowledge test was so silly, I felt stupid for taking the time to read the manual the night before. I’m very happy I’m not required to wear glasses to drive in the US, but this reinforces my impression that anybody is allowed a license here, which is not reassuring.

This morning I finally went for a run in the neighborhood. It’s very nice, very bike friendly too, and I plan to go for a ride next weekend. I’m lazy these days, and enjoying it. Some photos:

The deck in my apartment:

The living room:

The kitchen:

The dining/office room:

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