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In Praise of Snippets

It is funny to see all the angst about social networks, mobile phones and the attention economy as clear one-sided evils that are dumbing all of us down. Is this the future we want for our children!? With the reliance on mobile maps, where have our former survival skills gone? How are we supposed to work on the unified theory of gravitation while our devices distract us with videos of cats?

I, for one, get a lot from Twitter and Youtube and other channels from the “web 2.0” revolution. There are short time diversions that can be escapist and superficial, but also things that are smart or obscure, or that would have no other platform to get published or aired on, or that I would have never found anyway.

The aghast guardians of culture wanting people to go back to consuming lengthy tomes could probably learn a thing or two about capturing attentions and imaginations from these upstarts.

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