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I can’t complain. Very busy, doing both work and math studies over the internet, and with a garden.

When the state of alert and the confinement started in Spain, on March 14th, I decided to move in with mom and dad.

The first weeks were worrying. The nightly news showed rising infection rates and casualties, and over-taxed hospitals. Even with the alert measures. Family were having difficulties coping with the pragmatics of remote work and confinement. Food shopping seemed like something to be delayed, and going to the pharmacy felt risky.

In early April, I drove to pick up our first grocery order since confinement began, from the closest large supermarket. There was nary a car on the road, and in the 10 minute drive I saw only three people. I felt the impulse to wave hello.

The daily news being so depressing, we decided to watch an episode of some series every night after the news show. First was The Voyage of Charles Darwin, a short BBC series I still remembered from childhood. Then was Northern Exposure.

Little by little, the news started to be less bad. Attention moved from spiraling infection rates and deaths, and hospitals near collapse, to the recession we’re falling into.

Throughout this time, I have kept going once or twice a week to my own house, to check on everything, perhaps pick or drop some book, and to look at my garden.

It’s running wild.

The field next to my parents’s garden is also running wild.

I’ve been playing basketball 10 minutes every day. I’ve decided to work on improving control with my left hand.

When the pandemic is well under control, I’ll have a 1-1 game with someone, and recreate the classic The Princess Bride scene.

I admit it. You are better than I am.

Then why are you smiling?

Because I know something you don’t know.

And what is that?

I am not left-handed!

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