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Running the Ikeathon

What a disgustingly useful weekend. I’ve been more or less sick since Wednesday. Stomach stuff, bad enough that I left work at 1 on Thursday, and didn’t get back to the office until 12:30 on Friday. Things are getting better slowly, but there went Saturday and Sunday.

Being stuck at home has its benefits. Earlier this week, I received a shipment from IKEA, with a closet and a dresser (I miss the walk-in closets I always had in the US), an extra desk, a table-with-shelves for my under-shelved, under-surfaced kitchen, and an extra book-case. And I got all five items assembled, all without a hitch. Except, I have blisters on my right hand from using the screwdriver.

Being sick, this whole weekend I’ve only managed to eat two yogurts, a few slices of ham, and an omelette. I’d say that’s the most bang for the buck I’ve had, food-wise, in a long long time.