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Weekend in the Olympic peninsula

JP, JP (yes, two JP’s) and I left work early on Friday for a weekend hiking in the Olympic peninsula. It’s always great to get away, but this weekend also happened to be the hottest this summer. We had not counted on just how crowded it would get. On Friday night we couldn’t find a spot in any of the campgrounds, and had to spend the night at the Holiday Inn. And on Saturday morning, when we went to get our permit, we found out that our desired spot was taken, and had to settle for another spot.

This is what’s good and bad about the Seattle area: the mountains are so near, but then, so many people want to take advantage of that. It works out great most of the time, though.

Once we had left the car and had our backpacks on, it was a mild hike. We got to the campground quickly, napped, scouted around, chatted with other hikers, and played board games. I even caught up with some sleep!

Board games.

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