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No more classes

Last Thursday I had my Anatomy final. The previous Saturday, I had had my last lab, and my last oral exam (about the scalp). I just got my grades, and I’m happy to say that I passed, so that I’m officially done. I suppose I’ll get my certificate soon. I won’t go to the graduation ceremony, in keeping with my traditions.

This one-year Medical Sciences program has been a very good thing. It’s been a different type of study from what I’m used to. In engineering, math or computer science classes, the professor talks in support of two or three major ideas during each lecture. It’s your job to understand what he’s saying, internalize those two or three key points, and do lots of exercises. In these classes, it was your job to remember most of what the professor was saying. No exercises, just quizzes.

There were many good lectures, and a lot of material I didn’t know. The labs were eye opening. I hated having to get up early on Saturdays for them, but it was worth it. Performing dissections on human cadavers is an education.

I will not miss the smell of embalming fluid, though.

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