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Long weekend in the San Juan Islands

A well deserved break. I took Friday off and went to Alberto and Kristy’s place at an indecently early hour so we could catch the first ferry, and we all left for a weekend in San Juan Island.

It was a rainy weekend, which made the scenery beautiful. It was also cold, so we were less inclined to leave the house. Not a problem, because Kristy landed us a gorgeous place, complete with a fireplace in which to roast marshmallows to make smores.

We went on a whale-watching boat trip which didn’t afford the sight of any whales, but left us the image of a deer going out for a swim, and a ship with a funny name.

Alberto and I got to show our manliness by chopping wood and toiling to make fire.

We even saw some foxes, and a Memorial Day parade. Mostly, though, we all kept our attention fixed on little Isa, who grows by the day.

Could anyone ask for more? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The island is of volcanic origin, and part of its water supply, including our house’s, had some sulphur mixed in, which made it smell like rotten eggs. I shall not miss you, smelly shower!

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