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People skills

It happens most of the times I use the ATM in the Bank of America branch closest to my office: an unnaturally eager employee greets me and asks me if she can assist me. “No thanks, I just want to use the ATM”. Sometimes she’ll walk to the door, wait for me and thank me for banking with them when I leave.

On Friday, as I was walking to the bank, I noticed two employees outside. I thought I was in luck, but no. “Can we assist you?” “Thanks, I just want to use the ATM.” Then one of the employees went inside with me to explain that one of the ATMs was out of order, but I could use the other one. While I was making the withdrawal, she asked me if I was happy with my bank account. “Oh yes, everything’s great!”. Again, on leaving, I got thanked for banking with them.

I think I’m not going back. There is another Bank of America branch not too far, and thank God, the ATMs are on the outside.

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