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New Zealand re-scans

At last, I got around to sending the negatives from my trip to New Zealand in 2003 to be re-scanned. As happened with the Grand Canyon photos, the re-scans are a substantial improvement over what I had. The colors are looking more realistic, and dark exposures are respected. It is easier to realize, now, that a given shot was taken at dawn or in bad weather.

You can take a look at the full album on my SmugMug page, but here is a selection of some favorites (you can click on the photos to enlarge):

Franz Joseph image of Franz Joseph

Lake Wanaka image of Lake Wanaka

Doubtful Sound image of Doubtful Sound

Coromandel Peninsula image of Coromandel Peninsula

Tongariro crossing image of Tongariro crossing

image of Tongariro crossing

Kaikoura image of Kaikoura