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A hike and a wedding

I’m back in Seattle now, after a great vacation in Utah, Nevada and Virginia. I’m exhausted. The four-day hike across Bryce Canyon was great. When Guillermo gets back from his honeymoon we’ll be pooling our photos together, geo-tagging them, and making an album. In the mean time, here is a little teaser:

After the hike, Guillermo and I were off to Virginia, to prepare the wedding. It was fun, but hardly restful. Both Guillermo’s and Caroline’s families are great, and the friends from Barcelona, and several other places, were wonderful. Being a best man in an American wedding is quite a responsibility. You will be happy to know I didn’t lose the rings, and delivered my speech sober.

Here are a few photos of Caroline and Guillermo getting the wedding license, and planning the receptions and the ceremony.

We had a bit of time for the most basic of visits to Washington DC. Guillermo mentioned something I found very true: in DC, you find, in a relatively small area, monuments commemorating the involvement of the US in many wars. This country has fought like a lion, and that is a very impressive thing.

I didn’t take any photos of the ceremony nor the reception, I was far too busy. You’ll just have to imagine, until I get albums from friends. All in all, it was a lucky lucky 10 days. Our plans were very tight. Many things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. Everything went just right. I think this is a very good sign.