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I like blogging

When I started this blog in May, I had no expectations. The balance of these six months writing posts is very positive. It has been a good way of communicating, but it has had a small audience. Aside from family, not more than four friends ever check the posts. Consequently, I still get asked the silly question “How’s it going in Seattle?”, which I was hoping to preempt.

I wouldn’t call the blog a failure, however. Quite the opposite. Aside from communicating with a small audience, this blog is helping me improve my writing, and sort out my thoughts. Seeing my arguments typed and published and replied to, gives them new life. When I read old posts, I notice patterns I don’t like, and I take care to avoid them in newer posts. It is also nice to keep a record of thoughts and events.

I like the pattern of creating blog articles so much, I’ve decided to use it to keep track of my heroic attempts to teach myself higher maths and physics, and in general, of technical tidbits that don’t have a place in “Lost among Americans”.

So, this is an announcement of the birth of my new blog on the side: Lost among notes I still have to figure how I’m going to put math equations on there, but I’ve written the first post.

As much as I appreciate your patronage, dear readers, I don’t expect you to follow the new blog. Just don’t ask me “How’s it going in Seattle?”.