Lost Among Europeans

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Even in America, a lot of people were aware that Spain got into the final of the Eurocup, and today, at long last, won.

Yesterday I went for a long walk looking for a bar that would show the final, but nothing convinced me too much. As I was getting home, I decided to check the bar closest to my house, which is just one block away. It’s a small place that I can see from my terrace. Yesterday, it had a sign saying they would be showing the game. There were three tv’s in the place, so the decision was made.

Today I went there fifteen minutes before the start of the game, and the place was already packed, mainly with Americans, most of them cheering for Spain. Only a German couple were sad when Torres scored his goal. The place was noisy, and every time Spain was near scoring, the people would get up from the stools and give loud shouts. I don’t often drink beer, but today was special and I watched the game with a pint of Stella. It was great, I only wish I could have been in Madrid to celebrate.

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