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Discovery Park

The search for an apartment is over at last; I’ll be moving out of temp housing in the next days. This weekend I was so tired, I decided to stay local, even though I no longer have the sword of Damocles over my head, and I still haven’t visited Vancouver nor Portland.

Seattle is a good place to walk, and, being a small city, you can cover it easily. On Sunday I drove to Discovery Park, a beautiful and unkempt place in the westernmost tip of Seattle. I’ve previously gone there to run. One of the bad things about Belltown, the neighborhood where I’ve been living, is that there are no good parks nearby; I’ve been driving to parks to run - I don’t like running in the streets.

Back to Discovery Park - I think calling it a park is an understatement, it’s more like woods or a forest, and it also has fantastic views of Puget Sound. In the center it’s so heavily lined with trees and bushes that you can tell the difference in the air, which is much cooler and more humid than just outside the park.